Aperture Science Weighted Charge Storage Cube


This project intends to construct a cube in the style of those found in Portal 2, with wireless charging coils and LED lights behind every face.
I have successfully extracted textures and the 3D models from the game.

The 3D model extraction is somewhat lossy, losing some decimal places during the conversions. Thanks to the great descriptions of the model file formats a lossless converter could most likely be built.

Reference material:

Other tools:

How to view models with Portal 2 Authoring Tools

Weighted Storage Cube Measurements

Nobody is perfect, and this apparently includes Aperture Science too. The cube looks perfectly symmetrical and geometric in game, but a closer look reveals unexpected 'defects' and strange modeling choices:

With that in mind, the following measurements are often simplified from the in game ground truth. For the ground truth model, use Crowbar tool linked above.
These measurements are meant to capture the essentials, while ignoring minor warps and offsets and differences from face to face.

Face circular details


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